KNW-176 THE GREAT SOLAR STORM OF MARCH 1940author unknownpublished 11 Aug 2023 by Paul Smith, k5prs THE GREAT SOLAR STORM OF MARCH 1940: This story is shocking. On March 24, 1940, a solar storm hit Earth so hard it made copper wires in the United States crackle with 800 volts of electricity. A New York … Read more

KNW-175 Building a Farraday Cage

KNW-175Building a Farraday Cageby OhioGaltFrom Contributor, July 16, 2023Edited/Published 30 Jul 2023 by Paul Smith, k5prs [TRAINER]: Read the first three paragraphs…stop at ‘Some History’. Scroll down to and begin reading below the red line. Total read time is about 8 minutes. The following is from a longer article, link above, that contains a … Read more

KNW-172 Conduct Threat – Needs Assessment

KNW-172Conduct Threat – Needs Assessment KJ5EMP FOR NW HARRIS COUNTY ARESRevised 12/2021 In the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, every Ranger holds a strong commitment to knowing the entirety of the mission for the whole unit for the whole operation, but additionally being physically, mentally, and morally prepared for any number of contingencies that might be … Read more

KNW-171 Water Warnings & Purification

KNW-171Water Warnings & Purification by KJ Anderson, kj5empRevised 7/2021 Water.Something Americans rarely worry about but making national headlines when we do. The average human in good shape cannot last more than about a week without water yet, oddly enough, most large-scale disasters on the Gulf Coast are cause by too much water. To understand what … Read more

KNW-170 Harris County ARES Info Resources

KNW-170Harris County ARES Info Resources Written by KD5U 16MAY2021Free for distribution for non-commercial use.Revised 5/2021 RESOURCES REVIEWTonight’s training is just a review of some ARES related information resources available to us and tips on how we might better stay in touch as a team and up to date on ARES activities. We sometimes receive questions … Read more

KNW-168 Repeater Etiquette And Insights

KNW-168Repeater Etiquette And Insights Harris County Texas ARES, written by David Underwood, WB5HJVand Linda Kangas, W5LDK in collaboration withWayne Wright, KA5QDG and Lance Rumfield, WD5XRevised 12/2020 Technical repeater insights Wait a second or two between keying up the repeater and starting to speak. It takes a few milliseconds for the repeater to decode the tone … Read more

KNW-167 Where Do We Fit In An ICS Structure?

KNW-167Where Do We Fit In An ICS Structure? Where DO we fit in ICS? We fit nowhere in the organization until asked. There is no position within the ICS for “walk-on” operators! If you wish to help in any event, contact your local ARES Emergency Coordinator and volunteer with that person. If you’re needed, they’ll … Read more

KNW-165 ICS Resources and Facilities

KNW-165ICS Resources and Facilities Written by kb5pgy ICS Resources and FacilitiesThis week will be my last week in covering ICS fundamentals. I will be covering both the categories of resources available in ICS and the types of facilities available in ICS. I will also cover mobilization. Resources are grouped according to how they are deployed … Read more

KNW-164 ICS Organizational Structure

KNW-164ICS Organizational Structure Written by KB5PGY Last week, I went over the basics of ICS. This week, I will describe the basic organizational structure of ICS. ICS is a modular organization that is based on the size and complexity of the incident. By definition, any ICS has an Incident Commander. The Incident Commander is ultimately … Read more